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Thursday, November 25, 2010

missing you

I was writing a few postcards today to my loved ones in wet n' wild Wellington and realised how much I missed the company of certain girls. I was left pondering on the word MISSING so I grabbed the old dictionary and looked up its definition. It made me feel so sad!! Like I couldn't find my girls and I had lost them for good!
I now vow to never miss again. Just love. :p


lacking, absent, or not found: a missing person.
go missing, Chiefly British to disappear; become lost.


  1. Still here love, not too far away.. think about you all the time! Love you x

  2. what a cute post. it's important to sometimes just "miss" people. it proves how much they mean to us!

    xx raez

  3. still here, and love you too xx


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