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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

beyonce in a bath

yes.. those are HOLLYWOOD bubbles. Just like in the movies, where there is a footclaw bath overlooking some silk blue ocean. And of course some hot chick with perfectly positioned bubbles that never disapear...these were my bubbles.. and even though that hot chick was not me and I had only bath tiles as a picturesque view.. I still claim to be that superstar because that candy cane bubble bar (xmas edition from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics) made me feel like beyonce in a bath. 

YES THIS WAS MY BATH ... and oh it was DELUXE!

These snaps are from a work trip to Melbourne earlier this month,a fluffy bath and a bit windy as you can see.

Karen Walker dress and Country Road suede boots.


  1. oooh what lovely boots!
    And I am really envious of that bath!

  2. hollywood bubles your too cute!
    and love the sleeves on the dress!

  3. I need a bath like that right now!!

    Thanks for the comment, hope to see you soon



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