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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

my polly pocket

aka the pussy wagon.

She set me back 900.
Have never driven one until now. Decided I need a ride to get around Perth. Got her off Gumtree  (trade and exchange website) and picked her up from her old owner at 8am in the morning. Had to drive her home for the first time through peak hour traffic, and since I don't know Perth that well, I had to write directions on my arm so I knew where to go on the 45 minute mission home. 

What an adventure.

She got home safe and so did I.


  1. so cute! i am definitely jealous. and 900 isnt bad at all, unless youre talking euros or pounds. but i still think its worth it. i hope you two have a long and healthy life together.

  2. "The Pussy Wagon" the best thing I have heard all day! Riding in style! xo

  3. I want one of these!! So much fun!


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