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Sunday, May 16, 2010

evidence of a good night...

so about time to debrief on my birthday celebrations....

it was a very lovely night thanks to my brilliant friends.. alice, the white queen and a few queen of hearts turned up. there were enough rabbits around for everyone to take one home and there were plenty of mad hatters and a couple of cheshire cats and even lady gaga made an appearance!

what also added to the greatness was the amount of randoms that arrived! the place was packed out with a crowd of about eighty.. the dj and his set up could not have been better, but my favorite part was the secret punch! and yes it got out of hand.

with the remainder of a couple friends towards the end of the night, we ended up heading to a bar called alice (very fitting as the theme was alice in wonderland and i was alice for the night) and managed to end it with several rounds of teapots (cocktails served as tea!).

i kidnapped some photo evidence for you all to see from the lovely sparkling wilderness. (she came as gaga)
go check out her page to see how she got the snaps to look this good with her iphone....


  1. Love the polaroid pics!


  2. happy birthday! great pics

  3. love polaroids!.. your pics are awesome... and costume parties are always cool.. I hope you had an amazing birthday.. it sure looks like you did

  4. cool blog!
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