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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wanted: best friend

 travel and sleep with. 


  1. omg I love to travel, where would you like to go or does it even matter?

  2. those photos are so cool ,makes me wanna travel too!

  3. one day i want to do a figure eight of NZ hitch-hiking... my country.. even though i've seen most of it.

    but I would love to go to south america, and europe... spain, germany, poland, england, france, norway, italy, sweden and switzerland.. oh and a bit of portugal..greece..just waiting for the day to come.. and canada.

    every where i can really. would love to hit the mountains in japan too.

    i want adventures! and i cant wait for them to come...
    where have u guys been?

  4. haha, cool photos ! :D

    in 2009 i've been to iceland, newzealand, australia, germany, uk, france, denmark, sweden and norway for holidays (: (:

    i'm going back to norway next week as well,
    camping in the fjords, i'm super excited

    and this year, in september we'll cross the entire u.s. west coast, from san diego all the way up to seattle :D.

    have you made any concrete travel plans yet? (:

  5. midnight come over to my page and find out... I have been to about 23 different countries and will tell you tales about most....

    lets fly away..


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