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Friday, February 19, 2010

vampire weekend

is coming to new zealand.. my home! they will be playing in auckland.. the city of sails. 

and yesterday.. I GOT TICKETS!

have a listen. it will brighten your day.


  1. Really can't express how jealous I am of you, they are one of my favorite new bands!

  2. Oh, how awesome! Lucky girl. :) They are one of my favorite bands.

  3. AHH I am sooo jealous!! I love them and can't wait for their new album!

  4. Indeed this is an amazing experience. They are very good live, and they are very good in general, not that you needed clarification for that being the one who bought the tickets.

    Have a good time!
    I expect a full report after the concert.

  5. I am seeing them too! they are going to be so amazing. I have been in love with this band as soon as I heard them.


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