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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

derby girls day out

thankyou to all for following my blog...

my friends and I organized an annual skate day for the sevens rugby weekend in wellington. 
these are a few snaps from playing dress ups and attempting to stay on the blades while our bodies consumed a few too many wines...

what remained at the end of the day? a large amount of bruises, six pairs of stockings ripped beyond repair and stories that last a lifetime.

these photographs feature the following "athletes" from the dirty rollers team in twenty ten:

savage patch kid. no. 69
happy killmore. no. 85
skate rape no. 12
titty thunder. 666
fuck'n rolla. no. 13
delicious malicious no. 7(our lead jammer)



  2. Love this shoot it looks professional! Great photos!
    I adore your blog! I'm now following you so please come and check out my blog and I hope you can follow me back!


  3. Beautiful blog! The photos in your header are just gorgeous. :)

    And these photos are so awesome! It looks like you girls had so much fun! And I agree with Emma, these photos look like they belong in a magazine.


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