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Sunday, January 24, 2010

the three muskeeters

this is a few shots we took in an alleyway behind our apartment on our way out for the night. check out sparkling wilderness for a few more shots.

christie-jane wears: saint james blazer. cotton on top. forever new skirt. nude heels from the whuddy fuddy.

laura-kate bought christie-jane the casio watch for her birthday from good as gold.

karen walker spring/summer 09 runaway skull necklace was bought for chrstie-jane on her birthday from her workmates. she was obsessing over it for weeks.

 vintage bag find.

laura-kate wears: midnight blooms insight dress sample. vintage cream boot find. alice in the eve blazer borrowed from christie-jane.

vintage bag from fast and loose. assorted rings and bracelet. dolce & gabbana wristwatch (her graduation present from nanna).

themidnightbloomwears: augustine winter 2009 "easy little red dress" as top. supre black dress doubled over into a skirt. guess maeve boots borrowed from christie-jane.

my mothers old seiko wristwatch.

my vintage heart purse my best friend gave me.
(i manage to have lost it that night and had it returned by a street cleaner!)


  1. OMG, there are soo many great stuff you have, the pale pink blazer, the nude boots, and the sequins purse. They are totally hot! loving it!

  2. Love the pink blazer, it's so pretty :)

  3. hi dear, really great styles you posted here. i really like the leopard-print top, both booties, and the classic tan bag :)

    thank you for the lovely comment and have a nice day :) if you're interested in exchanging links, just let me know!

    you have a nice blog, more people should know about this one :)

  4. I love your pink blazer! All of your outfits are great.

  5. really loving your outfit! the dress as top looks awesome:)

    xx raez

  6. They're all great outfits, but I think I love that tasseled necklace most of all. :-)

  7. i love that karen walker necklace! i want one. oh and your guess boots are hot! thanks for the comment...i went to the mount, the palm trees are a bit of an illusion though haha. :D


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